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Clinical Interventions

Our interventionists are certified clinical interventionists and licensed clinicians. The Clarity intervention process is easily coordinated with an organized approach. We start with an initial over the phone consultation. The interventionist begins working with the family right away. We use a very concise approach to help guide the family through the intervention. This process consists of pre-intervention counseling with the family team, and the intervention. Our interventionists will escort loved ones to the facility of choice, and work directly with the family following the intervention.

Case Management

The Clarity Team will create an individualized plan specifically for each family's needs. This entails treatment placement, extended care placement, and recommendations for individual family members. Family coaching, mentoring, crisis management, and guidance through transitional phases for loved ones throughout the journey of recovery. Clarity provides extra accountability for the family and loved one. Accountability is important for following through with Primary Treatment recommendations to achieve long-term success. Additional services are available such as, random toxicology screening, breathalyzers, reports for therapists, court hearings and probation officers.


The transitional period can be extremely challenging and overwhelming returning to a less structured environment. A team member will accompany the individual during this challenging time. A Clarity Companion can last anywhere from 2 days to a few months at a time. We Individualize this to fit the individual's needs. The Clarity Companion will assist in following the recommended aftercare plans by treatment professionals such as: individual therapy, Intensive Outpatient Program, local AA/NA meetings, finding a sponsor, psychiatrist and more. Companions can bridge the gap between treatment and home.

Therapeutic Transport

Clarity provides Therpeutic Transport services for clients to any location. We assist in preparation of travel coordination and admissions to preferred treatment providers. Services included, but are not limited to, home to treatment provider, treatment provider to treatment provider, treatment provider to home, treatment provider to aftercare or extended care facility. The Clarity team member will coach the client throughout this process, which can be stressful and overwhelming. The Clarity team member will help with travel through airport security, driving, communication with treatment professionals and family members.

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